About Me

Illawarra Ceremonies is an exclusive and independent service operating in and beyond the limits of the Illawarra area. It is owned and operated by Rev. Wayne Farquhar on a fully professional basis for clients in need of a service. Rev. Farquhar is an authorised Marriage Celebrant and a Certified INDEPENDENT minister of the Christian faith. No matter what your religion or faith may be, if its a service you are in need of then contact ILLAWARRA CEREMONIES and speak with Wayne who will help you as much as possible.

Marriage Celebrant weddings are so much more popular now than they have ever been in the past. “Why,” its because celebrant weddings can be held virtually anywhere one chooses.

A civil wedding ceremony is NOT a religious ceremony, but I am only too happy to include religious readings, blessings and prayers if desired. Just because I’m a minister of the Christian faith does not mean to say I have to be bound by that faith alone; I am Independent, which means I do not belong to any one denomination. I respect all religions and faiths of the world and because of this I am only too happy to accommodate those wishing to include their religious beliefs, traditions and rituals as well as their own culture into the ceremony. So whether you want a religious or a non-religious ceremony, I am only too happy to accommodate you.


I am an Ordained Certified Independent Minister                       registered with the Attorney General's Dept.

Reverend - ordained on the 9th of the 9th 1999                                            Honorary Degree (Doctor of Divinity)
Certificate IV in Celebrancy - 2010                                             Statement of Attainment in Funeral Celebrancy                       Justice of the Peace                                                      Authorised Marriage Celebrant - Registered in 2000

NAMING CEREMONIES is a wonderful way in bringing family and friends together in celebration. With each ceremony I provide  (5) Certificates; the Official Naming Certificate plus (4) certificates for either Godparents, Guardians or Mentor's. Or maybe you want grandparents to have a certificate? Your choice.                              So if you are thinking on having a Naming Day but not sure how to go about it, then contact me and I will give you all the available information necessary in making your day exceed all expectations. Did you know that a Naming can be held for a child at any age and not just for newborns.                                                                                                                             Something to think about?

A CHRISTENING or a BAPTISM ceremony is something very special, it’s a wonderful way to celebrate a child’s life in a meaningful and special way – it honour’s not only the journey which the family undergoes, but also the range of emotions and of the Spiritual Intensity that children bring into our lives makes it all worthwhile.  If we can give our children anything that will benefit them best in life, then it should be the GIFT of a Great-Example in the way we speak and live our lives.

Whether it’s a Naming, a Christening or a Baptism, NEVER do I leave out the GREAT importance of grandparents and the wonderful role they play. I firmly believe grandparents can never be overlooked or ever left out. And I make certain that when I mention grandparents in these types of ceremonies, I ask them to please raise their hand so I can look directly at them when I read their Special part. And in all honesty, some shed tears of joy because finally, they are given the recognition in all that they do. GRANDPARENTS ARE GOD'S GIFT TO CHILDREN;                                                                                                               

Illawarra Ceremonies care about your needs. The type of ceremony you want I can Professionally deliver with dignity and care. Every ceremony created is unique. It is carefully shaped and designed especially for you. I listen to what YOU want, then give all the available information to help you decide. Then its carefully written and given to you for the final inspection. I create beautifully crafted ceremonies reflecting your vision for that Special Day. May it be short and simple or traditionally stunning at FULL ceremonial length. Whatever is chosen I assure you that each and everyone will feel that the ceremony is uniquely theirs in their own way. At the end of the ceremony you get to keep it as a memento which is Beautifully presented in digital script for a lifetime memory.     


Every Ceremony created is a unique work of art. Its carefully written and put together especially for you the way YOU would like it. So if you are thinking of having a ceremony but not sure how to go about it, then contact (me) and we can discuss your needs together. Let me take you through all the available options.

I offer services in:                                                                       Weddings  - Religious - Spiritual, or non-religious                                 Naming's                                                                        Christening's and Baptism's                                               Commitments Ceremonies                                                           Anniversary Ceremonies                                                            Marriage Renewal of Vows    

FUNERAL Services and much more!                                                                              Giving a eulogy for ones loved one is a very important task. It's a blessing I believe to be asked by a family to conduct a eulogy for their loved one, or maybe even for a friend. Many do not know what they believe in, yet when asked they usually say they don't want to close the door on the possibility of life after death, or some other kind of a higher power which governs over us all. I have been a Marriage Celebrant for over 22 years, have conducted many funeral services but only now have I decided to step forward in going just a little further in what I have learned, and especially what I have experienced through life, concerning life here and life after. I give carefully chosen words to help the grieving know that one day, they will definitely meet their loved one again.

Though of course, if you prefer a funeral service without the mentioning of life here and life after, then that is your decision, and I will respect that. So, whatever you decide I am only too happy to accommodate you in what YOU want. 

When a booking is made for a ceremony, I do ask for a deposit of $50. As soon as you have paid the deposit, the Date for your ceremony is then Booked, which means (NO) other ceremony will overlap yours. The booking - along with the deposit usually takes place in our second meeting. Our first meeting allows you the time needed on deciding whether you still want me as your Celebrant.

The ceremony is a very important part of your wedding day, and it is very important that you feel comfortable with the celebrant you choose. For this reason, I always give couples time in deciding, but try not to leave it for too long as other couples may be wanting the same date as yours. Your deposit (is) refundable should a cancellation take place NOT less than (1) month prior to the wedding ceremony.


To change your surname you will need to know that there are certain legal requirements associated with this. On the day of your wedding the celebrant will present you with your Marriage Certificate. This certificate will NOT be accepted as identification in changing your name, nor will it be accepted as proof of identity even though your certificate has a unique serial number on the back. After you are married the celebrant will register your marriage online to the NSW Registry of Births, Deaths & Marriages. Once your marriage is registered, you can then apply for an OFFICIAL MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE. This certificate is required for when you want to change your name on important documents such as Driver's License - Passport - Visa etc. The Official Marriage Certificate when ordered from Births, Deaths & Marriages will cost you $60, but what I do is out of my fee I pay for your Official Marriage Certificate MYSELF, it will be done automatically after you are married, and your certificate will arrive in your mailbox within (1) week. This is one of my services to you.